AI Card Deck

Creative AI


an AI-infused card deck to spark imagination

A digital card deck that remixes and multiplies ideas around any topic that you and your team are exploring. Feed the machine with some inspiring articles to shuffle and play with your generated cards, each with a unique, provoking question.

Created for:

Launch Project

Players create their own card decks

‘Build the brain’ of the machine with links to online content relevant to your topic. A machine learning algorithm generates combination of unexpected text based on what you give it to read. The blue cards ask a 'what if?' questions to provoke alternative ideas. The red cards generate invention ideas – things to imagine and build around your topic: like a product or organization, a law or regulation, or even a new social norm. These cards are creative fuel to turn your thoughts into a tangible idea. The black cards remix all of the blue and red cards that the group saved and combines them into full paragraphs.

Learn how we created the project on our Medium.

This project was funded by Baltan Laboratories as part of Imagination of Things' investigation into machine learning and how it can interact with the creative process in groups and workshops. The card deck accompanied several design workshops as a playful interjection into the typical ideation exercises that we direct.