Phrase Fighter

Creative AI

Challenge an intellectual frenemy to a street fight with words from the internet

Invite a friend to a fight with words from the internet. Phrase Fighter is a classic “space invader” shooter game with phrases algorithmically curated: a metaphor for our public conversation online.

Launch Project

Start with choosing a source of information, extract just a few phrases that have similarities with your “belief filters”, and in the end, none of it really matters because it’s all about shooting the opponent’s words.

The game curates the quotes from a user-submitted link based on its semantic similarity to five preset filters — the great and disturbing voice of our time, from Beyoncé lyrics to QAnon conspiracies. The player then chooses a quote to be their phrase fighter.

The player invites an opponent by sending an invitation link, initiating the match: two phrases against each other, where the goal is to eliminate each other’s word.

The project highlights the way algorithms filter our sources of content and sets the stage for the clash between phrases. As a research-based project, we speculate scenarios where debates and arguments take place in a computer game environment.