Respect, Protect, Pay Us

Digital Experience


a digital activation to pressure congress to ensure essential worker's rights

Mailing your representative in congress is still the most effective way to have your voice heard on Capitol Hill. SEIU organized a digital protest where anyone can choose a postcard and testimonial, sign their name and the union will automatically print and send it.

Created for:

Launch Project

Digital Protests

One of the largest international unions asked Imagination of Things to create a digital platform for protest, to get congress to act now to the needs of essential workers and minimum wage earners. Anyone can enter the site and read the real testimonials of union members, choose a portrait, and with the click of a button send a postcard straight to their representative in congress.

Real Testimonials

Collected portraits and real life experiences of essential workers kept the cause tangible and genuine. Different portraits were juxtaposed and aligned to show the parallels between the different industries and experiences.