Stick Together

Digital Experience


A digital collaborative puzzle

Our mission was to transform a physical toy into an online collaborative puzzle for remote play, bringing kids (and people from all ages) together. Building on the commitment of the early adopters and public librarians across the USA. The platform received around 50k players in its first weeks.

Created for:

Launch Project

A meaningful digital transformation case that created a whole new business track for the toymaker with an accessible browser game that can be played on any device.

“The most remarkable part of Imagination of Things work was their ability to define the guardrails to make the process efficient and to keep it within budget, while at the same time bringing creativity and blue sky thinking to the experience and interface. The most interesting thing that I discovered was that the unique selling proposition (providing inclusive, stress-free, community-building together-time), which we thought was specific to the in-person, physical product, was just as relevant with the digital product.”

—Sylvia Stein, founder of StickTogether Products, LLC